Project Calendar

Waiting list for custom furniture and barn doors

We generally have a 8 to 10 week waiting list which sometimes increases around special holidays. It’s very important that you understand our schedule before ordering. To determine when your project might be completed, please scroll forward through each month to locate the last scheduled job that we have on our calendar.  The next available weekend will be the best estimate. Please note that our calendar can change daily and projects are scheduled in the order that deposits are received. Also note that single items such as coffee tables, end tables, barn doors (without installation) and headboards might possibly be completed at an earlier date with less of a wait time. If there is any question, please feel free to contact us.

How to use this calendar:  Our project calendar is public, however client details such as email and delivery addresses are kept confidential. If you have a project scheduled and have not received an email invitation to view your project on our calendar, please let us know.