Barn Door Measuring Guide

NOTE: Because we often have a waiting list for our barn doors, you can save time in ordering your doors by estimating measurements. Since we price our doors in tiers, this is easy to do! After you place your order, you will be asked to complete our Barn Door Measurement Form so that we can verify the exact size before building. Simply take care of these details when you are ready or approximately three weeks before your door is scheduled to be completed. And if you ordered a door size that ends up falling outside of the first tier, we can adjust your invoice up or down. We take care of all the details, so you don’t have to!


For door openings with casing/molding: Measure from outside to outside of casing/molding. Measure across for the width and from the top of the casing/molding to the floor for height. Add 1″ to 2″ per door for overlap depending on privacy needs.

For door openings without casing/molding: Measure the inside of the opening across for width. And measure from the top of the opening to the floor for height. Add 2″ to 4″ per door for overlap depending on privacy needs.

You will need a minimum of 6″ between the ceiling or crown molding and the top of the door molding or opening for the hardware to mount, depending on the style hardware that you choose. You must also make sure that you have enough room on one side of the opening for a single door and either side of the opening for a double door, in order for your barn doors to open properly. This space is equivalent to the width of the door(s) that your ordering. Also, make sure that you account for molding such as chair rail, thermostats, outlets, light switches, vents, and any other object or objects that might impede the proper installation and the function of your sliding barn door.


When ordering hardware, the most import thing is getting the right track length. You should order track length twice the width of the door. If you have an odd-sized door, it is best to order track that is longer to make sure that you have enough. For example, a 39″ door would require 6.5′ of track material order a 7′ track length. These tracks can be cut to size on-site so that you will not be in a situation where you are short. We can also cut your track to whatever size that you need, so if you are sure, please let us know.

Our tracks come without pre-drilled holes; however, we will be glad to pre-drill them for you upon request. You will need to know where all your studs are if you are installing the hardware onto drywall. If you have a ledger board or header/either internal or external, that the track will attach to, then you are safe to order your track with pre-drilled holes. We recommend 16″ spacing between holes.

If you’ve already placed your order but still need to submit measurements or if you would like for us to make a recommendation on size, please complete this form for each single and set of double doors ordered: