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If you're like most people, you're probably wondering how much it costs to install a barn door. You might be surprised to learn that the cost can vary quite a bit depending on the type of installation and the materials used. In this blog article, we will break down the barn door installation cost so that you have a better understanding of what you're getting into. Keep reading to learn more and shop now for your dream barn doors at You’re Unique!


When it comes to furnishing your home, You're Unique has all your custom home and furniture needs! You deserve furniture that is made with care and quality in mind. We specialize in unique custom creations for your style and taste! You can choose the perfect fit and measurements, as well as customize every detail to make sure you're happy with your purchase. In addition to furniture, we also offer other additional home custom builds such as media centers and coffee tables. Start shopping today to find your new favorite home addition!

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Are looking to upgrade your kitchen with new and exciting designs but not sure where to start? Take advantage of trends and amazing design by partnering with You’re Unique! We offer design services and furniture for all your kitchen and home needs that are as unique as you are. Whatever your preferred layout, we have unique custom creations for your style and taste.

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Your home is an extension of who you are, evident within the interior layout, design, color scheme, and overall appeal. Nowadays, homeowners tend to strive towards a modernized look, as this can create a style that will impress anyone. We at You’re Unique understand that personalities play a role when designing your home, which is why we offer numerous options with ways to modernize your house! If you already have something in mind, contact us today to get things started!

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At You’re Unique, we believe in giving our customers the perfect furniture for their homes. But how do you know what the perfect furniture for your home is? In today’s post, You’re Unique goes over four tips. Here is how to find the perfect furniture for your home.

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When you want to install a quality barn door in your home, you want nothing short of the best. That is why our team at You're Unique is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of customizable options, exceptional quality, and affordable price points. Keep reading to learn a little more about us, and why you should partner with us for your custom barn door project!

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Finding the perfect farmhouse table can be a difficult task. There are so many options to choose from, and they all have their own unique features that make them stand out. In an effort to help you make an informed decision about your investment in a farmhouse table, our team at You're Unique shares this handy guide to help you find the perfect table for your home. Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to explore our custom handmade farmhouse tables!

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Discover How You Can Benefit From Interior Sliding Barn Doors

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Although barn doors have traditionally been associated with country characteristics, they have become a popular interior design trend in farmhouses and modern homes alike. Interior sliding barn doors add vintage charm that can easily be incorporated into—and enhance—just about any modern space.

You’re Unique specializes in manufacturing custom barn doors for interior use. The offered selection of modern barn doors can be used to modernize just about any space. Continue reading to learn some ways that sliding barn doors can be used in your home.

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As a homeowner, you want your space to be personalized and unique. While many turn to remodeling services to make their space their own, others only need to incorporate a few simple additions that can completely transform a room. If you have been dreaming about specific additions or renovations to your Georgia home, You’re Unique is the team you want on your side.

Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo with extensive design and carpentry experience, You’re Unique can provide you with the solutions you need to enhance your home. From custom interior barn doors and handcrafted furniture to remodeling services, we do it all! Here are a few reasons why you should work with You’re Unique.

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We build a lot of our furniture from pine but we don’t just use any pine, we only use furniture grade pine. It is more expensive to purchase and it has to be milled which we do ourselves. Some builders, especially hobby builders, might be using lumber from a big box store or another lumber supplier that generally supplies to the construction industry and not the woodworking industry. While you might not think there is a difference, there actually is. Pine lumber is graded according to strength and appearance; dimensional lumber is generally graded by strength. Most of the lumber that comes from places like Home Depot and Lowes is #2 dimensional and for a table top, you will not be able to get over 1.5″ thick. We use only 8/4 C&btr pine for our tables which means our tops are...

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2019 Trends – We have seen a high interest in oxidized white oak for many applications, such as dinning tables, coffee tables and consoles. Utilizing bold yet sleek designs will compliment any decor. Metal and wood table bases with quartz tops provide endless possibilities and can be used in modern or rustic settings. Here are some great inspiration ideas. Email us your inspiration picture at and we’ll send you a customized quote for your specifications.

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February is the month of love and because we love our Instagram followers and our Instagram followers seem to love our barn doors, we’re giving away a the winners choice of Modern Double X, Classic Double X, or Traditional Double X Barn Door up to 45″ wide and up to 84″ high complete with our Classic Barn Door Hardware! “Certain restrictions apply, please read our official rules below.”

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Buying Quality Custom Furniture and Barns – Tools for the Consumer

Though I don’t quite remember the episode, the product or the pitch, I do distinctly remember Barbara Corcoran telling a hopeful entrepreneur in the Shark Tank that “a waiting list is sexy.” Perhaps those weren’t even her exact words but “waiting list” and “sexy” were used in the same sentence and THAT made me very happy. Why? Well because we here at You’re Unique often have a waiting list and I never felt really good about it until watching...