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Why Choose You're Unique?

As a homeowner, you want your space to be personalized and unique. While many turn to remodeling services to make their space their own, others only need to incorporate a few simple additions that can completely transform a room. If you have been dreaming about specific additions or renovations to your Georgia home, You’re Unique is the team you want on your side.

Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo with extensive design and carpentry experience, You’re Unique can provide you with the solutions you need to enhance your home. From custom interior barn doors and handcrafted furniture to remodeling services, we do it all! Here are a few reasons why you should work with You’re Unique.

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High-Quality Construction

No matter what the project, the experts at You’re Unique treat your home as if it were their own. That means that we don’t cut corners, especially when it comes to the materials used and the workmanship they offer. Whether constructing custom furniture or sliding barn doors, You’re Unique utilizes high-quality wood and construction expertise to create something beautiful.

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Handmade in the USA

All products crafted by You’re Unique are manufactured by artisans in Gainesville, Georgia. Each product is handcrafted with locally and regionally sourced materials. Unlike mass-produced or imported products that tend to use flimsy material and be of a lower quality, USA-made custom furniture, barn doors, and hardware from You’re Unique offer durability, beauty, and style.

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Puts Customers First

You’re Unique is dedicated to helping clients achieve their dream space. We have successfully completed projects for both residential and commercial customers. No matter what the project entails, the You’re Unique team follows a customer-centric approach to ensure that the end results meet—and ultimately exceed—expectations.

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Unlimited Customization

Some companies manufacture a limited selection of styles and sizes of a specific product and often do not offer customizations to meet unique needs. You’re Unique can manufacture product offerings to meet any unique need or situation. What’s more, tailored customizations don’t typically add to lead times.

No matter what you have in mind for the interior spaces within your home, You’re Unique offers the products and services needed to enhance comfort and style. Contact You’re Unique to learn more about their custom barn doors, handmade furniture, and remodeling services.

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