Classic Z Brace Barn Doors | 51″ wide x 81″ high

$700.00 $250.00

Two Classic Z Brace barn doors painted gray, in stock and being sold “as is.” These doors would make good wedding backdrops or photography backdrops. Because these items have been in storage in our dusty wood shop, they more than likely need a touch up or repaint which you can do yourself or have us do for you for an additional fee. Price is per door and is cash only. Sliding barn door hardware can be purchased through our website.

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  • 51″ wide x 81″ high
  • Solid pine wood planks
  • 1 1/2″ solid wood frame
  • End match tongue and grove joinery
  • Installation available


Barn Door Measuring Guide

For door openings with casing/molding: Measure from outside to outside of casing/molding across for the width and from the top of the casing/molding to the floor for height. Add 1″ to 2″ per door for overlap depending on privacy needs.

For door openings without casing/molding: Measure the inside of the opening across for width and from the top of the opening to the floor for height. Add 2″ to 4″ per door for overlap depending on privacy needs.

You will need a minimum of 6″ between the ceiling or crown molding and the top of the door molding or opening for the hardware to mount, depending on the style hardware that you choose. You must also make sure that you have enough room on one side of the opening for a single door and either side of the opening for a double door, in order for your barn doors to open properly. This space is equivalent to the width of the door(s) that your ordering. Also make sure that you account for molding such as chair rail, thermostats, outlets, light switches, vents and any other object or objects that might impede the proper installation and the function of your sliding door.